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The Regimen: Container

Would recommend

Worked well. I would recommend this hangover cure powder.

Best thing since sliced bread

WOW! I have tried many hangover cures but this hangover prevention really stopped all the negative effects I usually experience the day after drinking

Never slept so good after drinking

Biggest thing I get with my hangovers is sleeping terribly. I have no problem falling asleep but staying asleep has always been a problem. This is the first hangover cure that I didn't have a problem staying sleep and getting a full 8 hours. Woke up feeling refreshed instead of tired and crappy

Great not excellent

I woke up definitely feeling better than I normally do. Definitely not hangover free but can say that I won't be laying in bed all day

Best Hangover Prevention!

Drank more than I'd like to admit last night and woke up feeling like a million bucks! Will definitely be trying again!

It Really Works!

I love a great night out drinking with friends, but obviously feeling awful the next day is the worst... honestly my hangovers can sometimes last into a second day these days (getting older haha). I hate feeling like I'm wasting my free time on the weekend feeling bad. I want to enjoy some drinks, but not sacrifice my days off after working all week. When I heard about the Regimen, I was intrigued, but also skeptical. I didn't believe that there was a product that truly freed you of a hangover after a night out drinking, but I decided I'd give it a try. I was surprised (and really happy) to find that this stuff really works! I've tried it multiple times and have never felt hungover after using this product. I love that I can enjoy some drinks with friends and not sacrifice feeling good (and most importantly my free time) the next day. I highly recommend this product... it's a game changer.

Honest Review From College Kid

*I am not getting paid nor am I sponsored*

I am an ordinary college kid who is studying engineering in NYC. And we know what college kids do. I won this stuff in a raffle that they did at a local event and asked me to leave honest feedback. So here it is. This stuff is good, by reading the ingredients I saw they have everything I have in my daily vitamins PLUS some of my preworkout which is awesome. It drinks easily and helps me actually be productive the next day studying, working out, laundry, etc. I have given some to my friends and I have to hide the stuff so they don�t steal it.

-Now a review of the actual owners.
They are genuine and honest people that I had the pleasure of meeting! They aren�t people that just sit back and expect everything. They met me to personally give me my raffle prize which I was not there to receive, something so unexpected.

Overall this product and company have earned my business and I wouldn�t hesitate to buy more after I run out.

It Actually Works

I have tried many different types of hangover cures and have had some success but none that I thought - "wow this actually works"

If my hangover was a house then Regimen helped build the front door. Hangover is knocking every time I drink at 6am, but luckily Regimen built a soundproof door. I hear a faint knock, but I can still live peacefully without having to answer.

You take this proactively and you can feel it still working in the morning. It is fighting the battle for you - it's a strange feeling because you can actually feel it working.

Would recommend to anyone. 5 stars.

Works like a charm!

After drinking all day Sunday (and mixing quite a few different things) I was able to drink this before bed and wake up feeling super great to go to work on Monday. This stuff is great and the flavor reminds me of the Flinstone vitamins I used to have as a kid! I am definitely going to recommend this to all of my friends!

No more hangovers!

This product is the real deal! I live in Waikiki so every weekend I�m pretty much drinking (don�t judge me) BUT, when I drink this there is NO hangover. Hangovers kill my mornings and tend to make me sick for a couple hours, no need to worry about that anymore!

Larger Than Life!

I recently went to a concert for my all time favorite music group: this experience always consists of hours on your feet dancing, moving around, singing and of course a drink or two or three, so I always go to bed exhausted, sore and a little buzzed. Enter The Regimen- I woke up the next day and it was like the night never happened lol not only did I not have any signs of a hangover, but all my physical soreness and dehydration symptoms were non existent- in all my years of post concert experiences, this was definitely a first, but surely won�t be the last! All thanks to The Regimen I rocked my body right and didn�t have to pay for it the following day ??

Save your weekend

After a long day of drinking on the beach in South Carolina, I slammed one of these down right before bed.i woke up the next morning expecting the typical headache and mental fog. However, this time I woke up feeling like a million bucks. Awesome product and will be a repeat customer for sure.

If you are worried about a hangover you need to try this...

After researching all of the ingredients for a perfect hangover cure I found this amazing concoction. It had all of the ingredients I was looking for and then some. Splurged on the $50 dollar purchase for a week long vacation in Florida and am so glad I did. Slept great after more White Claws than I care to admit (my sleep is usually awful after drinking), and woke up with NO hangover symptoms at all. No hangxiety (a huge issue for me), no headache, no nausea. Just a little tired from staying up late. I also came to find out this is a small but super genuine company with very genuine people (check out their Instagram). I will definitely be purchasing more of this magic potion in the future!

I once was blind, but now I see

The Bifocal, Penicillin, X-Ray Imaging, Stem Cells, Artificial Intelligence, and now "The Regimen." Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a time where an advancement in the cure for the common hangover is knocking at our door. Whats that? You say the Spanish Flu has returned? No silly, you're just hungover. Once you drink this sweet sweet nectar invented by mortals in which they dubbed "The Regimen," you'll awake with nothing less on your mind than conquering the world. I say to you, people of cyberspace, raise a chalice of "The Regimen" before drifting off into the greatest siesta you've had since infancy after a night of debauchery, and thou shalt awake with eye-opening vigor.

Buy now to change your life

WOW! I am shocked and pleased to write this review. I thought to myself- There is no way to cure a hangover. - I was wrong. The best way to cure a hangover would be to prevent it from happening. That's exactly what we have in The Regimen. After pounding a case of white claws, a typically sweet hard seltzer, I was in trouble. The next morning I had to be up and out of the house by 5:30AM. With a scoop of the regimen and a solid six hours of sleep I woke up feeling rejuvenated and without fatigue. I highly recommend this product and I'm looking foward to testing it for those Jameson nights 😉

This Stuff Works

After a long day of consuming adult beverages on the golf course and then shutting down the local bar, I finished off my night with The Regimen and woke up feeling amazing. The taste is reminiscent of Flintstone Vitamins and is a pleasant flashback to my youth. This stuff is the real deal and I won�t drink without it again.

This product is AMAZING.

I've tried everything to not wake up with a hangover the next day. But THIS is the only product that actually works. I took it after a night of drinking as directed and woke up with NO headache, upset stomach, or grogginess. I HIGHLY recommend this product if you need to be fully functional after a night of drinking!


Girls night always results in horrible hangovers... took this last night and woke up feeling A1. I will never go another late night out without this. No other way ?????


after i drink i always wake up with the WORST headaches and grogginess from a crappy nights sleep. but since i�ve started using the regimen i�ve had no headaches and no grogginess. i wake up ready to start my day with no regrets from drinking the night before! great product and great customer service.

Cheers to this Miracle Cure!!!

are your boozy weekends detrimental to your health? I know mine are. Or should I say, were... until I discovered this miracle cure! The Regimen has saved me from myself on many a Saturday/Sunday morning. You�ll wake up feeling like a million bucks, ready to hit it again at brunch ????! This stuff @truly works !! (pun intended)

Lifesaver for this mom!

As a busy mom of 4, I have no time to be hungover. My days start bright and early and are non stop with my kids no matter if I�m hungover or not. The Regimen has been a lifesaver for me! I get a solid night of sleep and can fully function the next day with my family. No more dragging and feeling crappy after a night of drinking. I can keep up with my family and have a productive day no matter what I did the night before! This product is a necessity for all parents out there! We deserve to have fun too, and not feel the effects of a night of drinking the next day. Thank you for developing this product!

Holy crap!!!

I typically get the worst hangovers. Enough to ruin my entire day. But The Regimen has completely changed that. I slept like a rock. But I think the biggest factor for me is that I didn't get anxiety the next day. This has completely revolutionized hangovers as we know it. Wow.

Great Product!

Love the product, and it definitely works. I sent it this weekend and gave it try and I definitely felt a difference. I also used it the night before I played a round of golf the next morning and felt like a million bucks!

Best hangover cure!

If you�re looking to not wake feeling like a truck hit you, after a night of drinking- this is the best product to let you enjoy your night and wake up feeling good!

I used this for the first time on the 4th of July. And the next morning it didn�t even feel like I made my liver run a marathon! Honestly, this stuff is amazing!